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  • 【Ultimate Clicker for Presentations】CheerTok PowerPoint Presenter can be connected to Bluetooth in a flash. Touch the panel to achieve cursor movement. Tap the touchpad to achieve the effect of mouse click, just like a mouse. Slide the side or the top to achieve an up and down page turning smoothly. Volume can be adjusted by the volume keys on the side, saving time in the operation on the PC. Whether you are meeting, teaching or speaking, it’s always an efficient & excellent experience.
  • 【5.0 Wireless Bluetooth connectivity & Long battery life】CheerTok has an ultra-low latency of 7ms, turn on Bluetooth and your CheerTok, instantly connect and use. The next time you give a speech, this presentation clicker can be automatically connected without plugging in any receivers, no more hassles of finding receivers. CheerTok is equipped with a Type-C charging port and can be used continuously for 40 hours with a full charge in just 1.5 hours.
  • 【CheerTok Protection Case】Put your CheerTok in the protection case to better protect it from drops, scratches, crashes, spills and dust, while conveniently taking it where you want to.
  • 【Free your hands】 You can put it on your desk and fully enjoy watching videos, reading, recording videos, viewing photos and working. It’s a good helper in office and kitchen, on the dining table and nightstand.
  • 【Phone Stand】Use the protection case as a phone stand/holder. This special case can hold your phone and tablet firmly, making it easier to use your CheerTok.

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    CheerTok: All-in-one Pocket Touchpad for Any Smart Devices

    Take it with you anywhere - for business meetings, live streaming, selfies, and more. CheerTok is the perfect remote control for any screen! And with customizable shortcuts, CheerTok elevates screen-control to a new level, freeing your hands and saving you time! This single compact controller satisfies all your needs for work and entertainment, streamlining your daily life with convenience and fun!

    With just one touch, CheerTok can control all smart devices wirelessly, combining the functions of a wireless mouse, touchpad, laser presenter and shortcut generator. Its universal compatibility supports Mac, Windows, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and even vehicle screens. Control them all without being stuck within arm’s reach of your screens!

    The built-in laser pointer allows you to make your points clear while maintaining everyone’s attention and keeping the meeting lively!

    With CheerTok in hand, your home entertainment will be even more fun and easy! 

    One Press, Endless Fun

    What’s new on TikTok today? Let’s create a shortcut to find out! Without doing infinite scrolling by hand, CheerTok can play the latest TikTok videos for you, it can even be programmed to LIKE each video!

    Let’s Take Selfies, Hands-Free!

    Whether alone or gathered with friends, there are always occasions where you need a selfie, to capture a precious moment. However, it’s not always convenient to control your phone if you want to take a selfie from afar. Thanks to CheerTok, you can easily create a shortcut to take one or multiple pictures for you, and share them on social media!

    Leave Boring Works to CheerTok

    How about focusing on the fun and letting CheerTok’s shortcuts handle the boring stuff? Read any E-book with your hands-free! CheerTok will take over the page-flipping work so you can just sit back and enjoy your book.

    Pack It In Your Pocket, and GO!

    Weighing only 40 grams, CheerTok is super lightweight and portable. Put it in your pocket and you can control smart devices up to 10 meters away anywhere you go!