I am Andrew , founder of CheerDot.

Since I was a little child, I had been extremely curious about how things work, and even though frequently spanked by my mom, I couldn't stop myself from dismantling the remote controllers, hovers, and even garbage bins. And since then, I grew the habit of peeking at the “backstage” of the ordinary things.

Yes, when the civilized human beings are surrounded by all the media, gadgets, and information, are we living in a simplified or a complicated universe? Are we still curious enough to explore the truth behind the shiny facade?

With the dream of chasing after a simpler life, I founded CheerDot to take off all the complexities and give our lives a refreshing bath. When all the companies are trying to explore the next customers’ “pain spot”, we simply want to explore the fundamentals of our already complicated lives, and simplify everyday objects to highlight the true beauties in our lives. 

  • CheerPod is our first product, the idea came from my painstaking experiences of changing from remote controllers to my phones, from phones to mouse, from mouse to my ipad. And I started thinking if there is a simpler solution to controlling all of our screens, so that all we need to do is carrying the ‘ultimate controller’ and making any screen immediately responsive with a simple tap. 
  • 从这个想法出发,我开始着手设计,我希望最终的成品是简洁,又非常容易上手的。 虽然从一个想法到最终的产品,花费了我3年。我确实一直乐在其中。
  • CheerPod was backed over 9000 supporters on Indiegogo. I cannot express how much gratitude I have towards the kindness and support from these like-minded minimalists + perfectionists. 

I will keep this gratitude close to my heart and take the dream of simpler lives to places far far away. Cannot wait for the upcoming new journeys of exciting new inventions!

Best Regards,
CheerDots 创始人